Two years ago, almost to the day, I jumped. I left a position with a large financial institution in obedience to a voice.  A quiet, but constant, voice that I left dormant and buried under all of my “busyness” for too long.  After becoming increasingly uncomfortable within my space, I made an intentional choice to listen and walk further in my journey. I realized that my 20 years of human resources, diversity and inclusion, and learning and development experience was my preparation for teaching our next generation of leaders and changing the world for individuals with autism.

My oldest daughter, Tia, is one of over 500,000 individuals with autism who will reach an employable age within the next 10 years. Yet, unemployment for the group remains well over 80%. My obsession with this cause started with one. However, servanthood to the multitude allowed me to empty myself thus leaving me the most fulfilled. This cause is so much bigger than any being can see.

April is Autism Awareness Month, but this mission will not fade and reside as an obscure or blurred thought as the month closes. Instead, it will live as an intentional, impressionable, and lasting movement towards meaningful work for individuals with autism.

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