Unleashing of Human Potential

The Autism Platform Project’s mission is to broaden the societal lens of individuals with autism in the workplace. We will inform, highlight disparities and use practical solutions to decrease inequalities and remove barriers towards meaningful and competitive employment.

As of March 2019, the US unemployment rate is 3.8%. The unemployment rate for individuals with autism (those who are actively seeking work) is over 80%. Considering the “war for talent,” does the low unemployment rate present an opportunity for employers to ponder the diverse talents of this marginalized and untapped group?

Of course! But we have to blur boundaries, shift perspectives, and disrupt misaligned patterns of utterance surrounding neurological differences that thwart human potential.

We look forward to offering varied mediums (i.e., podcasts and webinars) to inform, increase understanding and provoke action. Undergirded by acceptance, we will create a platform that supports the individual’s ability to stand thus moving towards an unleashing of human potential!

Are you an individual with autism, parent, service-provider, educator, or employer? I’d like to hear from you! Any challenges you would like to highlight and are hoping for resolve, for your son, daughter, future employee, or self? Any specific employment topics or questions (i.e., sensory differences, transportation, inclusion, etc.). Comment, below, and I will incorporate within future teachings or address within the comments.