The Autism Platform Project is a mission-oriented organization that hopes to broaden the societal lens of the autistic cohort’s contributions to the workplace. We strive to provoke a movement that creates equitable employment opportunities and meaningful outcomes for individuals on the spectrum.

The next decade will usher in over 500,000 young adults on the spectrum1; however, the group maintains astronomically high rates of unemployment (over 85%) 2 and underemployment3. Void of significant intervention from a multitude, this unrelenting and grim trajectory will continue.

The Autism Platform Project seeks to urge a movement that creates curiosity, understanding, and action surrounding the diverse talents and strengths autistic individuals can contribute to organizations and the workforce. This initiative, propelled by self-advocates, parents, family members, community members,  and leaders, will blur corporate boundaries and reshape how organizational leaders perceive, recruit, develop, engage, and support the autistic cohort within meaningful and gainful employment.

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